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A Career by Steve Jobs Part 1

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I preach this to job seekers as well as my business NY recruiting team, success isn’t a stroke of luck, rather it is a problem to be solved.  We all have weaknesses; we all have strengths.  Though, it’s what you do with both of those that makes you either a successful business professional or an often confused and frustrated one.  I use this philosophy when sales and marketing headhunting too.

Sometimes, when we step back from our daily lives and take a look at those who have truly done astonishing things, we can add more pieces to the puzzle that is our personal goal.  Here is what Steve Jobs can teach us about our career:

Much of this research was taken from “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, Simon & Schuster 2011.

• We All Carry Baggage

– Given up at birth, Steve was adopted by a high school dropout, Paul Jobs and the daughter of two American immigrants, Clara Hagopian who would be on her second marriage by the time she met Paul.

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Originally the son of, Joanne Schiebe a graduate student at University of Wisconsin and John Jandali, a Muslim teaching assistant from from Syria who came from oil money, Jobs was given up for adoption when Schiebe’s father threatened to disown her if she were to wed a Muslim.

Jobs knew from an early age that he was adopted; many who were close to him would say that knowing this would give Jobs scars.  Though, Paul and Clara Jobs would give Steve the best life they knew how to.  They set up a college fund for Steve while he was young and his dad would often do his best to teach jobs about cars even though Steve would surpass him in intelligence at an early age.

This was a realization that the future Apple CEO came to when they had an argument about how to operate a carbon microphone where Jobs would turn about to be correct.

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Ken Sundheim and Brandon Frazin at the KAS Placement offices.

•Love and Respect:

Though, Steve always respected his dad.  He thought of his dad as intelligent and described him as very competent.  According to most people who knew him, Jobs’ father was a nice, gentlemanly figure who worked hard to provide for Steve.

Still, the abandonment played a big part in his life, but instead of quitting, Jobs would channel these feelings into his business which he always had to have control over; he saw the Apple brand as an extension of himself.

Often, we look at figures like jobs and think if we only had x or y not realizing that each of us has personal obstacles to overcome; it’s just not all of us take the time to conquer them which is an important step in becoming more successful.


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