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Lessons in Business Some Learn the Hard Way

"ken sundheim at Rangers game MSG 2012"

Running an NYC, Boston and Los Angeles executive recruiter firm at a young age, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, but I’ve had my fair share of successes, looking back and analyzing some of the factors that led to success and some that led me in the wrong direction, I can give the following advice to the aspiring business owner:

– Business takes discipline and self-control – Business atmospheres are going to change all the time and with every slight chance of change, you have to make a controlled decision as to whether this change is something that is going to be a threat or it is a trend that will pass.

Being young, I used to get scared every time I saw a potential change in the business climate and would take actions that were not necessary. While every great entrepreneur must be able to predict the future and take action based upon their gut call, sometimes that action is a “no-action” which takes self-control.

Ali Ringo KAS Placement

– You must set goals. The New York City recruiters at KAS Placement, for a time were not setting firm goals and when a business does not set firm goals or even when a person doesn’t set them, those goals cannot be achieved.

The most successful people in business set firm goals, write down the actions needed to achieve them, when / where they are going to complete these actions and, since they are organized with a clear goal, they are much more likely to achieve what they set out to.

Additionally, setting goals will make either a business or person more resilient in the face of adversity while those who do not have firm expectations will do the “Well, I made it this far” and give up.

Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement a marketing and sales recruiting firm specializing in helping job seekers across the country find top sales and marketing jobs. Sundheim started the company in 2005.

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