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The World From a Recruiter’s Perspective

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Many job seekers want to know how to better utilize recruiters for their job search. The first response I have to this is the following: when job search are able to see things from the other party’s perspective, we can better deal with those individuals.

Let’s take a look at the world of a recruiter:

Are paid by the employer, not the job seeker. Unless that headhunter recruitment specialist Ken Sundheim CEO of KAS Placement sales and marketing recruitment [/caption] has something open right now, from the point of view of the headhunter, you’re not able to be monetized (or, in your terms – find a job that you like). Therefore, if that recruiter wants to make money, they have to focus on finding and staffing job applicants for what jobs they have open and are actively recruiting for.

From the recruiter’s perspective, if they fail to do so, someone else will. Depending on the executive search firm, the staffing and job recruiting process can be somewhat of a race to the finish; it is a race that highly rewards the victor and provides nothing to 2nd place.

– Some are given only so much wiggle room from their employers. While some executive recruiters are better at negotiation than others, all recruiters are bound by the exact needs of their client.

Not all recruiters are effective at selling a job applicant and the ones who are not are going to be focusing on extensive expertise within the job applicants’ backgrounds. They have no choice but to do just that.

"ken sundheim mtv u" "sundheim kas placement" "sundheim sales recruiter"

Therefore, if you’re not an expert in your field (the term is obviously relative), the recruiter really can’t do much with you. It’s unfortunate, but if there is no benefit for either party to connect, the recruiter or anyone else in the executive staffing agency is not going to waste your time just to do so.

– Headhunters have only so much time; they are not free resume writers and career advice givers. Simply sending your resume into a recruiting firm is, unfortunately not going to always get you the feedback you want and the career advice you’d like to receive.

Some recruiters just aren’t confident in their knowledge while the ones who do are busy working with the applicants that they have. Just like you’re sending your resume in with an end goal of making money via employment in mind, the recruiter has his or her end goals as well.

In the End

Not every recruiter is gong to be a perfect match. However, you can increase the odds of success when interacting with recruiting firms by stepping back, determining what drives the individual headhunters within a recruiting firm and altering your approach accordingly.

Remember that people like to be treated with respect and want to feel appreciated. Therefore, show that you appreciate that head hunter when / if you connect and you should be in business for a long-time to come.

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