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Tips for Getting a Job in Media

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Media is always a competitive industry to get a job in.  You have to be good at interviewing, have a great resume and be able to deal with rejection.  As a senior recruiter in the sales, marketing and media vertical, here are some thoughts on getting the position you want and having a successful career in the media.


Getting your foot in the door:  Getting a job in the media is not all about who you know, but having some contacts definitely helps.  Media, perhaps even more so than other industries is extremely social.


It always helps if you know someone, or someone who knows someone, to get an interview within various media companies. Even if it is only an informative meeting, this is a great way to begin to develop contacts that can help you out in the future.


Corporate Atmosphere:  This is not true of every office, but the media world can be remarkably informal. In my experience, people tend to be extremely down to earth and easy to talk to: office wear may consist of jeans and t-shirts in some environments. But just because it may not be a formal atmosphere does not mean that you should act anything less than professional.


Experience: Like having connections, the lack of experience is not necessarily going to rule you out as a candidate in entry-level media jobs.


Rather, getting experience is probably one of the best things you can do. Not only does it set you apart to a potential employer, but it helps you gain some direction.


The media industry is huge; internships can be a great help in determining which side of the business you want to go into, as well as give you a chance to learn some jargon to throw out in that interview.


The Offer: Be aware that entry level positions in media often involve long hours and low starting salaries. Don’t go into this field thinking you are going to compete financially with your friends in finance.


That being said, I don’t think this is something that should necessarily deter recent grads. The media industry is a really fun, exciting world to be in, and there is a ton of room to grow; in many cases there is room to grow quickly.


In closing, the media is a great field to start and have a career in.  Make the right moves and you could be enjoying that executive office in the years to come.




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