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Questions to Ask When Interviewing With a Recruiting Firm

There are some great recruiting firms out there and there are some which you may not like working for; the head hunting industry is no different from any other in this sense.


The question is: how do you tell?


When interviewing with any staffing agency, there are certain questions regarding their recruitment methodologies and your day to day jobs which should help you determine whether you want to work for that particular executive search firm.


Here are just a few:


1. Would I primarily be dealing with clients or job applicants?


2. What kinds of clients and / or job applicants would I be dealing with on a daily basis?


3. How does the staffing firm find its applicants?  Would I be expected to go about it in the same manner if offered and accepted a job at the recruitment agency?


4. How does the recruiting agency find its clients?  Would I be expected to prospect for new business?


5. Looking at my qualifications, what training period would I most likely be anticipating upon starting at the recruitment agency?


6. What do the headhunters like most about working at the firm?


If you listen well and read in-between the lines, by asking the above 6 questions, you ought to be able to decipher, or at least in a more accurate manner than when you started as to whether the staffing firm is a fit for you.



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