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Recruiting Marketing Professionals

Recruiting Marketing Professionals


I think one of the more important things that employers should think about is what exactly they want vs. what exactly they need in an employee.


Many small to mid-size businesses come to KAS’s headhunters with a big misconception as to what they need out of a marketing plan.


Sometimes even our larger clients come to KAS with a need that won’t produce any return on investment.


Here are some steps to ensure that you are going to recruit the right marketing professional


1. Write a Job Description – writing a job description puts the thought process down and gets the creative flow going.


You should know what you want and putting your needs down on paper may be the trick to determining what is a solid marketing idea and what is going to prove to be a waste of money.


2. Know Your Stuff – many clients have misconceptions as to what they need for a marketing plan. For instance, it is more important to get hits to your website (for the most part) then have a Facebook page.


Also, things like Twitter aren’t going to work unless you have good content to bring the audience and this is not always easy and is not always executable by marketing professionals.


3. Don’t Base Your Hire On Personality – many people want to do marketing, but few understand it well. Therefore, you’re bound to get a lot of resumes from people who seem great, but will probably be a dead end to your organization.


Therefore, you are going to need someone who is an expert at marketing to help your recruiting efforts and write up that job description. Interviewing is very hard even when you know your stuff; marketing can be a foreign language to many.


4. Have a Realistic Budget and Be Flexible – many clients come to us either wanting to pay well below market or well above market. The former happens the majority of the time. Seldom do they get it correctly, therefore our recruiters suggest that you be flexible and don’t fool yourself trying to get a bargain.


Marketing is too important to put a very low budget on the business facet, however over spending for too little is a problem almost as bad.


In the End


Finding the right marketing employee is very hard and mistakes are frequently made which cost companies big. Though, follow the above recruiting tips or find your company effective marketing headhunters and you should be fine.

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