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3 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made As An Entrepreneur

We all make mistakes. It’s human nature and the successful entrepreneur is no exception. However, not many small business owners like to discuss their mistakes; this is despite the fact that mistakes in business help reflection which leads to improvement.

Thinking about it, I’ve probably made hundreds of mistakes (big and small) since I started my recruiting firm. There are takeaways from each one, but here is a list of the 3 biggest mistakes I’ve made since starting my company and how I corrected them.

1. Quick Hiring – I take people at face value assuming they are honest, hard working, care about my company and are who they say they are. This mentality came back to really bite me because people are not always who they say they are and what they claim to be. I would hire very quickly. Entrepreneurial Mistakes Continued

How Do I Make Money In My Career

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