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Our Forefathers Would Envy Our Job Market

Regardless of economy, it’s the United States of America and even when the job market lowers, we still have the opportunity to pursue what we want. The only question is just how badly do we want it?  I think of the economy as a big steak.  

There are going to be some who are going to leave the fight at the table full, there are some that don’t like the fight and decide becoming vegetarian is best for them.  

Then there are those who know where the steak is going to be before the meal and make off with a piece before the fight starts; they end up locked out of the kitchen. This country has never stopped doing its best to reward those who work hardest.  

It’s just, when there is less steak to eat, more are going to go hungry.  Nobody said that this isn’t sad, but you must think of the job market this way. Instead of forks and knives, you have intellect, perseverance, consistent self improvement and zero excuses.  When the immigrants to this country arrived, they left home because of religious persecution, war, famine, and they didn’t get much better here, as they first arrived at Ellis Island:

via Our Forefathers Would Envy Our Job Market.

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