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The Travel Conundrum

The Travel Conundrum

by Christina Giampietro


A lot of young job seekers have some travel experience under their belt. In fact, I was guilty of flaunting my travel abroad program on my resume and in interviews. While there is nothing wrong with showing that you have travel experience, it is best not to boast about it when trying to land a career.


During an interview, if the interviewer asks you about yourself, I can guarantee they do not want to hear about how much you loved sunbathing on the island of Santorini, or that you traveled around eastern Europe with nothing but a backpack and your best friend at your side. Sure you probably learned some life lessons along the way, but chances are they are not relevant to the position you are interviewing for.


Additionally, do not make the mistake of telling an interviewer how much you still love to travel. This gives the impression that come vacation season, you will be the first to pack your bags and take a week off to travel someplace where you will be unreachable to the people back in the office.


In conclusion, it will not hurt to include your travel experience on your resume, especially if you are looking to be employed with companies who have international clients, or you are applying for a position that requires a lot of travel. However, in most circumstances, it is in your best interest to downplay the amount you enjoy traveling. That way, your future employer will see you as a stable employee who will not leave the company high and dry for the beaches come summertime.

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