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Why American Job Seekers Are Falling Behind

"ken sundheim at Rangers game MSG 2012"

Why American Job Seekers Are Falling Behind by Ken Sundheim


It’s not simply the economy.  There are calculated reasons why some American job seekers are not getting the jobs they want and the pay that they feel they deserve.  Many of the reasons for lack of success are deeper than a resume that is not 100% or lack of ability to negotiate salary.  It has to do with American society as a whole. Here are some of the variables that make the young American job seeker less competitive by the day:


1. Education – The later they graduate college, the worse their writing skills are.  Judging by the hundreds of resumes that come into KAS Placement every day, it seems that poor grammar and a lack of ability to express oneself clearly is not reserved for the graduates of lower-tier schools.


Instead, some of the most reputable colleges are letting students graduate without merit (but, with payment, of course) which is diluting our country’s talent pool.  Mainly, this is due to colleges feeling they need to spend tremendous amounts of advertising dollars to compete with online schools, then filling this deficit with students who can barely read, but can definitely pay.


2. Impulsive Behavior – Younger Americans have become more impulsive than ever and seem to need everything right this moment – a characteristic that hinders many upon searching for a job.


When dealing with younger job seekers, our executive recruiters have more difficulty explaining to them that things may not happen the instant they want them to and not to act on that frustration. Reasons Why Younger American Job Seekers Are Less Competitive Continued.


Tips for Recent College Graduates When Working With Recruiters – article provides tips for younger job seekers when working with headhunters.


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