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How to Get a Job in Advertising

How to Be Successful in an advertising Job


Upon taking a job in the advertising industry, there are some ups and down just like taking a job in any other field. As a job seeker looking for work in the advertising field, it is imperative that you know the ups and downs of the advertising industry as it will only increase your success.


Some cons of breaking into the advertising industry:


1. Schools seemingly do not understand the true facets of what makes advertising tick and what is needed to stand out in any type of advertising environment. To combat this, the individual must take it upon themselves to learn and get the proper internships during college.


2. For some reason, younger individuals have a stigma that advertising is the top of the top job to get. Therefore this high demand makes pay very little. In addition, it is harder for individuals who do not know people in the industry to break in because when advertisers see so many resumes, it is simply easier to get resumes from people they know and trust. How to Get a Job in Advertising Continued.

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How to Be Successful in an Advertising Job



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