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Dealing With the Boss From Hell

Dealing With the Boss From Hell

When you have a terrible boss, you can approach the challenge in two ways. The first is deciding that your boss is from Satan’s lair (which they may be) and that there’s nothing you to do for the problem but to grin and bear it. Your second option, which is probably the more effective one, is to assess the real problem: you and your boss’s current lack of communication, and therefore mutual understanding.


The majority of the most successful business professionals — whether they are in corporate or are entrepreneurs — have learned to effectively communicate with all types of people including those who could determine their future within an organization.


Here are two simple ways to improve communications between yourself and that boss whom you simply can’t stand:


1. When you leave the office, leave the office – Staying mad at this individual when it’s supposed to be your time off is not only very unhealthy, but it’s the first step toward significant anger problems.


While there is nothing wrong about mulling over how to ease the tension, there is something very wrong with determining how to get back at this individual, or simply dwelling on wrongs or nursing a grudge. From 5 to 9 either make your peace or figure out the best ways to come to terms.


Anger and over emotional behavior never got anybody ahead. Instead, they get you to the front of the unemployment line. Stepping back will give you a chance to look at the situation with fresh eyes, giving you a better shot at number two…How to Deal with the Boss From Hell Continued

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