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3 of the Best Entrepreneurial Management Tips

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When I started my recruiting company, for the first few years I worked alone. I was used to a daily rhythm in which I would wake up early and sit in front of the computer in relative quiet and began to take pride in my self-reliant, autonomous nature.


Then, it came time to hire someone else. I began reading management book after management book prepping for the impending employee I was going to hire.


I was lucky enough to hire a great Managing Director, but after that recruiting from an apartment did not exactly attract top talent and my management style combined with inexperience could not adapt to the mentality of these individuals.


I’ve always wanted to be successful and was taught at a young age to work tenaciously to pursue your dreams. While it took a few variables for me to get better management including improving myself, here are the 3 best management tips I can give to either an entrepreneur hiring and having to manage his or her first employee or even for a first time manager in a smaller, more entrepreneurial company.


1. The Employees’ Dream(s) May Be Different – management is going to be difficult for those who don’t learn to adapt to “troublesome” employees (those who are not on board with your vision 100%).


When I hired individuals that fit this description, they would get under my skin and drive me up a wall. I could not put myself in their shoes and their thought process became more and more foreign to me which created a disdain on both sides. Best Management Tips for Entrepreneurs Continued


Video: Dealing With a Difficult Boss



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