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3 Reasons Why Marketing Employees Get Fired From Their Job

3 Reasons Why Marketing Employees Get Fired From Their Job


For a few years, I must admit that I was highly confused as to why my firm had 300 job seekers looking for marketing jobs per day and only one employer looking to hire one. In sales and media, the ratio is 500% more than any form of marketing whether it be social media,digital media or other.


I would wonder what I was doing wrong. As time went on and I learned more about marketing, it became evident that these single marketing leads all had a very similar problem that they were intelligent enough to fix.


They hired, then fired several marketing employees and realized they needed help. Here were the top three reasons why these marketing employees got fired from their job.


1. Too much on their resume, thus raising unrealistic expectations. Marketing job seekers have to really dig in deep and be honest with themselves as to what they know and what they don’t.


A lot of times, the marketing job seeker, nervous that they won’t get a job in the field embellish their resume.


Going on what I know, I would predict about 70% of marketing job seekers do this and don’t realize the pending ramifications which is losing their job. Why Marketing Employees Get Fired From Their Jobs Continued.


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