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4 Candidates That Employers Don’t Want to Hire

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4 Candidates That Employers Don’t Want to Hire


Employers seem to share many of the same broad preferences during the hiring process, regardless of job title and regardless of industry.  The job seekers who display certain traits or behaviors like those below, despite having great backgrounds and skill sets, are almost guaranteed to lose the job.


If you find yourself described below and also notice you’re losing opportunities, keeping an eye out for these bad interview habits should turn your luck right around upon going for the job that you want and deserve.  Here they are:


1. Acting Overeager – It’s not when the job candidates respond to the initial hiring inquiry or when they follow-up with a thank you after an email, it is how they do so.  Some candidates make the mistake of overzealously driving home how much they like the company or the interviewer, making them appear desperate.


We all want what we can’t have and tend to shy away from what we can have way too easily.  Therefore, one or two sentences regarding the above should do it.  Any more and you risk sounding overly needy and thus risk losing the job. Candidates that employers don’t want to hire continued here.


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Ken Sundheim’s articles have published or syndicated in Forbes, NYTimes, USAToday, BusinessInsider, WSJ and many more.


He is the Founder and CEO of an executive search firm by the name of KAS Placement Los Angeles Media Recruiters Advertising and Los Angeles Media Recruiters Advertising and Marketing Recruiting Chicago Marketing Headhunters


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