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Can Sales Professionals Live Off Just a Base Salary

Can Sales Representatives Live Off Just a Base Salary?


taken from corporate website on geared towards the employers who come to our site baffled as to why sales representatives don’t want to work on commission only including us poor recruiters working for free, thus taking a percentage of this guy’s percentage and creating an almost genius of free labor….even if they can make “$1,000,000 per year.”


This is often a question posed by some business owners and the answer is, if you want to get competitive sales professionals, you must pay them a base salary and commission.


The way we phrase the answer to this question is that if you don’t pay your sales representatives, someone else will gladly do so.


Will Sales Reps Work Hard Enough If I Do?


Yes. Sales representatives do not get motivated or demotivated because of a paycheck.


Instead sales professionals get motivated or demotivated by the management of a company, the products or services that company offers and the corporate culture within that organization. Can Sales Representatives Make Money With No Guaranteed Pay Continued




Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement executive recruitment and staffing.


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