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What Is the Best Social Media Site to Find a Job


Twitter for Job Search


When Twitter was launched in the summer of 2006, career gurus has already been wondering about how job seekers could leverage social media sites in their searches.  With Facebook (February 2004 launch) starting to edge away from only personal connections at that time, and a growing focus on the usability of LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD), which had made its debut in May 2003, the debate on social media in job search picked up speed with the advent of Twitter, and hasn’t slowed down since.


While LinkedIn is still a little stronger, the “pro” arguments for using Twitter in a successful job search have been highly speculative and mostly false.  When trying to marry Twitter and job search success, career advice professionals still hand out very broad, common sense tips such as having a good picture and gaining a lot of followers.


However, being highly active on Twitter has hurt some job seekers.  Employers assume that the more followers a potential applicant has, the more they are out of price range regarding salary.


Our recruiting firm has had to explain that this is not the case over and over again to our clients.  Another factor that dilutes Twitter’s ability to impress is that Twitter followers are highly difficult to convert into sales leads.


This is primarily due to only being able to Tweet one or two sentences at a time and competing with the other 200 million Tweets per day – a number that makes LinkedIn appear to be a significantly better use of time. What is the Best Social Media Site to Find a Job Continued





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