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7 Most Detrimental Resume Mistakes

7 Most Detrimental Resume Mistakes


The Managing Director of KAS Placement, Alison Ringo and her team looks over roughly 100 different resumes per day which is more than many publicly traded companies.


However, unlike most of these firms, I had the team of recruiters at KAS Placement compile a list of the 10 most detrimental resume mistakes that job seekers make when both applying to recruiters and directly to the hiring company.


Though some of these mistakes may appear quite sophomoric, about 20% of all resumes submitted into our staffing agency possess one of the 10 discussed resume flaws. While nobody can change the past, ensure that you have the following taken care of moving forward and it should ensure a brighter future.


1. Copying and Pasting Job Descriptions – many resume writers get attached to a single phrase or very similar variation of and decide to spread it through the entire document, thus making the resume seem more robust and well-thought out.


However, this carries the opposite effect and what appears comprehensive to the resume writer, seems lazy and thoughtless of the count of the resume reader. Any HR manager who is interviewing for an important position is going to immediately look for these shortcuts because it is a tell-tale sign of that potential employee cutting corners in the future.


Remedy – alter your wording more using more adjectives, varied descriptions, and if need be, keep your resume shorter. Redundancy prevents dozens of job seekers who apply into our recruiting firm from getting to the our clients daily. 7 Most Detrimental Resume Mistakes Continued



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Ken Sundheim runs KAS Placement sales recruitment and marketing headhunting company 

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