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The Worst Reasons to Quit Your Job

There are certain sets of drivers that lead people to venture into entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, a certain set of these drivers repeatedly ends in failure.


I think that many people have a skewed view of entrepreneurship and the dedication, sacrifice, creativity and stress involved throughout the process.


Once you are engaged to entrepreneurship, you might as well marry it because employers are going to be hesitant to hire you following the venture, out of fear that you’ll one day be a competitor.


While companies maintain that they are “entrepreneurial,” the majority stick to the stance that they should never hire true entrepreneurs.


With that being said, if you are attempting to quit your job and hang your own shingle for any of these reasons, don’t. And never be ashamed to not be an entrepreneur: for most it is not as exciting as it sounds.


1. When you are short on money – Entrepreneurship does not pay a lot of money. As a matter of fact, it pays $0 to most, leaving them with a feeling that they failed.


Article Continued: The Worst Reasons to Leave Your Job and Open a Business

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