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Is Recruiting from the Competition the Best Idea?

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Is Recruiting from the Competition the Best Idea?


Upon hiring, many companies consider poaching employees from their competition, however this is not always the best strategy.


Here are a few reasons why hiring firms may not want to explore that route, unless it is an executive level position:


Many competitors come with lengthy, enforceable non-compete clauses which are not worth the headache for the hiring company.


Also, it is often difficult to determine for any employer as to whether the individual has the connections that they claim, thus paving way for a hiring company to purchase an empty book of business.


While recruiting from competition does work in some instances, I would also recommend to hiring companies and, subsequent hiring managers that they look towards other avenues as well such as companies in parallel industries whose sales or marketing professionals require little ramp-up time and can be just as if not more successful than those recruited directly from a competing company.


As a firm, your entire job is to beat your competition, not emulate them. Moreover, hire the wrong recruiter to do the job and your company can look quite bad upon them cold-calling into the competition, representing your firm in a negative light and giving away all of your hiring plans.


In the End:


In the end, recruiting from the competition can work out, but it is not all that some cut it out to be and, if attempted, it must be done by the individuals and the offer must be highly enticing.



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