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Recruiting Your 1st Employee

When Should I Work With a Recruiter?

The best time to work with a headhunter is when the he or she needs you more than you need them. Remember that those same recruiters are probably going to be at the staffing agency in a year from now, therefore if you push too hard for a job that you are not qualified for, you may miss an opportunity down the road. Though it may sound dark in nature, networkers never get rich because they are ones in need rather than the ones in demand. The latter don’t have to network because people seek out their expertise not the other way around.

I Am Not a Fit for the Position, Should I Still Interview?

If someone sends you in for a job that you are not qualified for or that you don’t like, unfortunately you have to decline or else you’ll spend the rest of your life going on “favor” interviewers when you should be focusing on your career. I would like to say that you should always listen to the recruiter that you’re working with, but rather you should always hear them out and, if not for you always be polite and decline. If you stay professional throughout the process and a headhunter gives you a hard time, they’re just being unreasonable.

What Type of Recruiting Firm Is Right For Me?

There is no type of firm that is going to be “right” for you. Remember, you are not marrying the headhunter that you’re working with, he or she is simply helping their client find a solid employee. Instead, the agency that is right for you is the agency that happens to have the right job at the right time. Never rely on a headhunter to get you a job, rather use them as one of many job search tools.

When it comes to working with headhunters, my philosophy is that your career is a big part of your life and only you can make it happen. Then good things will happen rather than the other way around.

KAS Placement is a sales recruitment and marketing employment agency staffing job seekers in NYC recruiters

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