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The Symbiotic Relationship Between Sales and Marketing

While sales and marketing are vastly different from one another, the two are more reliant on one another than just about any other two facets within an organization.


For instance, you could have the best sales representatives in the country, but without marketing support, their efforts will only produce a fraction of what they could.


For organizations that have only so high of a recruiting budget, choosing between one or the other can be difficult and often confusing. However, you’re not alone.


Here is some insight as to whether a sales or marketing hire is best for your organization and how to approach combining the two positions.


How Sales and Marketing Differ


While many believe sales and marketing is one and the same, they are correct to an extent, however the job of a marketing employee is a lot different than the job of a sales representative.


For instance, sales representatives will make cold-calls, send out mass emails, attend client meetings and trade shows while the marketing professionals, in most organizations are the ones that make sure that the sales representatives have the marketing material behind said cold-calls and positive image behind those mass emails so that once they reach the recipient, that potential customer can visit a website that is informative, appealing and that clearly expresses the message that the organization is trying to get out. continued The Symbiotic Relationship Between Sales and Marketing


Working and Interviewing With Large Companies 2



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