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4 Ways to Charm an Interviewer

If someone were to ask me, “What are some things that interviewers want to see or hear from interviewees?”, then I could probably go on all day. 

In the interest of brevity and not overwhelming you, here are four.


1. Passion – Passion cannot be faked. Any good interviewer is not only going to want to see interest in their company, but interest in their industry from this person they are interviewing.


For instance, and this may seem like a no-brainer, if you are interviewing for a sales job at a television network, don’t tell your interviewer about your lifelong ambition to be a news anchor.


You should be there auditioning for an on-air role, in that case, not interviewing for a sales position, and the interviewer is completely without fault not to offer you the job, even if you have great sales credentials…


Article Continued: 4 Ways to Charm an Interviewer


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