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The Awful Genius of Black Friday: 12 Hours at Lacoste, BestBuy and Modell’s

Due to a shortage of cabs, I found myself walking from the West Side of Manhattan through Central Park home to my apartment on 2nd Ave.

As I was walking home, I walked past lines of people waiting over-anxiously for 12 a.m. to come around at the Best Buy near me.
Even from across the street, I could feel a palpable tension in the crowd. (I would later be told by a girl at Best Buy that there were 2 arrests made before the doors opened.)

The mere fact that people would be willing to hurt one another and go to jail over electronic prices made me decide to go shopping today.

Here is what I take away from shopping for 12hrs on Black Friday:

Retail creates an atmosphere that gives the buyer the illusion that if they don’t buy mass amounts of items on sale, something bad will happen to them.

For a few minutes the atmosphere was enthralling, but then I watched two different people go into what I would call a full-fledge state of mania. That isn’t enthralling, but it is sad…

Article Continued:  The Awful Genius of Black Friday: 12 Hours at Lacoste, BestBuy and Modell’s

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