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10 Questions to Ask During a 1st Interview

The following are effective, intelligent questions that job applicants should be asking on their first interview:

1. Let’s Say I Execute All the Set Duties of My Position For A Long Time….?

You should always find out where the job is taking you in the next few years, however you must phrase this question properly.

If you come out and say that you want to know exactly where you’ll be in 3 years, the interviewer is going to perceive that you are not into this job and feel as if you are above it.  Once this happens, all hopes of obtaining an offer letter are over.

On the other hand, you can ask the interviewer that if you plan to do exceptionally well in the position, after you really prove yourself (the “really prove” must be stressed), what potential is there for you to grow both personally and professionally?

Again, you have to make the interviewer aware that you are 110% dedicated to the position that is currently being discussed and not put too much emphasis on this point, but finding out is important.

Pull this off correctly, and you’ll get the person on the other end of the table or on the other phone line to show his or her cards and tell you whether there is truly a future within the company.


2. What Is The Average Turnover Rate of the Corporation? 

This may make the interviewer a tad uneasy, but it is a valid question and can be phrased as such:

“I want a career and not just a job, do you mind me asking how happy the people at the company are and, in a rough estimate, is the turnover rate towards the higher or lower end?”

Prior to interviewing with the company, you should have done your best to do the proper research to determine a rough estimate for yourself, but you should always hear this directly from the interviewer.

This way, they can either confirm what you have deciphered from your research or whether they have a rational, different spin…
Article Continued: 10 Questions to Ask Durring a 1st Interview

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