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Write A Resume for Both Hiring Managers and Search Engines

Write A Resume for Both Hiring Managers and Search Engines
Upon approaching the formulation of their sales resume, many job seekers write the document only considering the needs of 1/2 of their targeted audience.

The goal of writing your resume geared towards both the human editor and the job search engines (Monster, Hotjobs, the Ladders, etc.) is to significantly increase your career reach and networking with less administrative work.

You could have the best resume, but if only a fraction of the potential viewers see it, the CV is going to prove ineffective resulting in a significant cut of potential jobs you have to choose from.
5 Reasons Why Do You Need to Write the Resume Geared Towards the Job Search Engines
1) Taking time to apply comes with a high opportunity cost and low hit rate.

2) In this economy, you want to have incoming leads as well as outgoing.

3) You can’t be on the job boards at all times; let your resume do some of the lifting.

4) The conversion rate should be increased when the hiring manager looks for you rather than the other way around.

5) Recruiters love job boards and hold them with as much weight, if not more than the flood of incoming resumes.

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