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5 Interviewing Dilemmas and How to Circumvent Them

5 Interviewing Dilemmas and How to Circumvent Them

Many job seekers have similar problems that hinder their job search and push back their career progress.

Funny enough, the main deterrent that prevents people from achieving the results they desire from their job search is self-fulfilling: Paranoia that they will not get a job coupled with a steeply declining level of self-confidence can be a vicious circle.

Here are some common situations that lead to a rough job search. These challenges are mentally wearing on even the toughest personalities. Along with the problems, I’ve proposed logical, proven solutions.

1. Potential employee has been out of work for 3+ months

The top mistake that job seekers make when they are out of work and it kills me inside is that they don’t spend the time bettering themselves. Job seekers with big employment gaps don’t necessarily need big resume gaps. Just because they aren’t working doesn’t mean they can’t be doing something resume-worthy.

When laid off or fired, job seekers should take a week or two to do some research to narrow down the field they wish to be in. Keep one or two backup fields for risk management measures.

Job seekers need to take the 8-10 hours a day that they would be working and put it into learning everything there is to know about their target fields. Then, when asked questions such as, “Have you used x software?” they can answer, “Ten hours a day for the last 70 days.”

Industry jargon is huge both on the resume and during the interviews.

2. Potential employee had multiple jobs over the past few years

Since the resume objective is the first thing an online resume reader judges, the job seeker should be candid and upfront. A straightforward group of sentences such as this should get the resume reader to warm up:

“I intend to find a home, not a job. I have been unfortunate enough to be in two circumstances where _________. I work hard enough to merit a strong career within a company that is competitive, entrepreneurial and fun.”

For job seekers who have bounced around, positions larger companies are probably not worth chasing. If the job seeker has poor job stability throughout their career, they must find an employer who thinks outside of the box.

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