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Ken Sundheim CEO KAS Recruitment and Staffing

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Tips for Opening a Business During a Recession

– Keeping Costs Down Through Intelligent Advertising

A. Social Media – writing content that is of interest to the target market

B. Search Engine Optimization – the ability to rank highly in the search engines and get visibility on Google without paid advertising

C. Industry Specific Websites – there are an abundance of industry specific websites that the small business owner can approach for cheap, yet very effective advertising.

Many times, these websites will let you advertise for a fraction of the cost and, additionally the links to your site will help your SEO.

– Keeping a Positive Attitude

Even though there may be poor economic news, the entrepreneur must learn not to let his or her feelings sway with outside news.

Keeping a positive outlook is imperative for any start-up business owner despite swings they may see in the economy and, subsequently in their business.

Remember, negative sentiment not only hinders your ability to produce, but it also hurts your employees’.

Video: Ken Sundheim Tips for Entrepreneurs Opening a Business During the Recession

Ken Sundheim discusses tips for small business survival during the recession

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