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How to Maintain Your Value as a Job Seeker

Ken Sundheim started KAS Placement in 2005.

As a job seeker, be aware that an inverse relationship exists between the number of jobs you have had in the past few years and the likely amount of your next job offer. Bouncing from job to job is a serious red flag to employers. This is regardless of whether the job hopping is a true representation of your professional reliability. Although it looks better if you left the jobs rather than if you got fired, either is still a clear negative on your CV.

The best advice I can give to those who have had a few jobs in the past few years is to be upfront about the issue on either your resume (in the objective section) or within your cover letter. Remember to be candid, clearly state that you want a job within an organization that you can grow with for the years to come and do not make excessive excuses for your failure to be at each company for longer time periods.

Ken Sundheim – how to have a better career

2. Continue to hit quotas or receiving professional awards

This is much easier said than done as there are many uncontrollable variables for the job seeker when it comes to this arena. To maintain hitting your quotas as a sales professional, come to an agreement with your current employers as to what fair numbers are…though, do it after being at the company for a little bit. You’d be surprised as to how firms are willing to negotiate this aspect of your sales job and how lucrative meeting those numbers will prove to be at future jobs.

3. Do not have gaps in your resume

Although logic would say that someone unemployed for an extended period of time is much more eager to get back to work than somebody who has had 10 jobs in the past 12 years, ’tis is not the case. We all want what others have and prolonged unemployment on one’s resume turns employers off.

As a job seeker who has been unemployed for a period of time, what do you do to fill any gap of unemployment?

I recommend doing some sort of charity work if you can’t find the job right for you. Not only will this show the employer that you have been active, but the charity may hit home in the HR rep’s heart and you can slide in for an easy interview.

You can read the rest of the recruiting and job search article Keeping your value when not working or simply on the open job market at Ken

 Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement sales recruiters, marketing recruitment and media staffing Seattle headhunters recruiters

  Also, KAS has Denver executive recruiters, Denver headhunters, Denver sales recruiters staffing job seekers in CO.

Ken Sundheim started KAS Placement in 2005.

Ken Sundheim at KAS recruiting firm

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