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Considerations Prior to Taking a Job

1. What Are Their Expectations for You? Are They Realistic?

As a job seeker, the last thing that you want to do is take a position in which you are destined to not live up to expectations. Some managers and companies simply do not have realistic expectations for the output of their employees and it is your job to gauge whether or not you can meet their expectations. Failure to do so can quickly make employment at the company less than desirable.

2. Do You Want to Work at a Larger or Smaller Firm?

There are benefits and drawbacks to working at big companies as opposed to smaller, start-up organizations. Preference varies per person, but here are some quick points to consider:

– Larger firms usually have more stability as a company.

– Larger companies typically give better benefits.

– Larger companies will not allow the job seeker to wear as many hats and, in most cases, learn as much as smaller companies.

– Larger companies tend to be more bureaucratic than smaller firms and getting promotions within these firms can prove more difficult. Of course, bureaucracies are not exclusive to larger companies.

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