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Being Recruited at a Small vs. Large Company

There are vast differences between working at a larger organization and a smaller, more entrepreneurial firm. Just like anything else in both employment and life, each has its pros and cons.

Here are a couple of each when you choose to work at a larger, more established firm.

– Pro: Formalized Training:

For those who are just entering their career, taking a job at a larger company may be a good bet, in that larger firms typically hold more formalized trainings. Smaller companies sometimes overlook the importance of hands-on employee training.

This is not always a rule of thumb, however many small companies lack the resources and time to provide training sessions, which often assist the employees in the firm when executing their daily tasks.

– Con: Bureaucracy

Although unwieldy bureaucracy is not exclusive to larger companies, many bigger firms carry this less than ideal setup. An overly complex internal bureaucracy often does not bode well for employees who are less savvy at interpersonal politics.

Many employees at larger firms will wait years and years prior to even getting the smallest of promotions. Worse, some will wait and consistently get passed over.

As a job seeker, what is one of the best ways to gauge how bureaucratic a company is? Find out how long certain individuals have been at their particular roles. Remember that there is usually a direct relationship between number of years each employee has been at their current role and the ease of advancement within the organization.

– Pro: Name Recognition

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