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Salary Negotiation for Job Seekers

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Although I have a very keen eye for spotting a fair amount of negotiation tactics, I find negotiation, in most circumstances, to simply be a hindrance to the normal flow of business.

For a moment, tally up the opportunity cost that you have seen wasted by others who want to negotiate arbitrary, meaningless things like the cost of pens at Staples. You would probably have a good chunk of change if you summed up all that wasted time and energy.

Among many professionals, salary negotiation is a topic of inflated importance and is often written about in a very reckless, inaccurate manner by people who are off base to an extent that piques a tremendous amount of curiosity for me, both personally and as a sales recruiter.

It took me years to come up with these salary negotiation “rules” I recommend most job seekers follow. They are broad, but since I started KAS, I find them to be the most reliable, in the widest variety of job offer situations.

Video: CEO Ken Sundheim Discusses Salary Negotiation Techniques Rarely Considered

– Unless you need the money, don’t negotiate for a few thousand dollars.

With a grin, I once saw a VP go back and forth with a 20 year old over $3,000. How this VP is still gainfully employed, I don’t know. When two people who don’t know how to negotiate get together, they get a perception that each does. Both sides of the table appear to pretend that the boardroom table is a stand at some country bazaar.

Therefore, before you go on the job search, make rules for yourself. Don’t get caught up in situations like the aforementioned. At best, you will waste time or leave a bad taste in the hiring manager’s mouth. At worst, you will lose what should have been a sure thing or a job you really wanted. Rest of article:

Salary Negotiation for Job Seekers



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