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Where the jobs are, where they aren’t and other employment speculations

Where the jobs are, where they aren’t and other employment speculations

Measuring analytics, keyword phrases and locations of visitors to the corporate website of KAS Placement, I have seen some trends as to where the worst locations for employment are, why this is (or speculation as to) and what cities and positions have near vanished due to the continuous poor economic conditions of our country And Western Europe.

The Worst City To Find a Good Job In:

Philadelphia–bar none is the worst for sales and marketing jobs taking into account the relation of number of job seekers in sales, marketing and media compared against that of open, decently paying jobs. Out of every city in the United States, Philadelphia is the 2nd most visited city to our website, however does not rank in the top 10 in number of open jobs.I would go as far to say that taking into account the ratio between open jobs in sales and marketing an open job seekers, Philadelphia is just as bad, if not worse than Miami, Phoenix or any the other cities that fell victim to the housing crisis.

Unsurprisingly, Philadelphia and Miami have crime rates that make New York City and Los Angeles seem suburban.

The Hottest Industry Hiring Sales and Marketing Personnel:

Facebook Advertising and All Related- many times when an industry is hot, the popularity comes with a pending bubble burst and industries related to Facebook Advertising and some social media have not hit that point yet and continue to escalate and create jobs while many other industries lack upon hiring sales and marketing personnel. While this industry may be the hottest, it is also the most exclusive to get into if you are coming from an outside industry as a sales, marketing or media professional.

The Vanished Jobs In Sales and Marketing:

Pure Sales Management – When starting this agency nearly 7 years ago, there was a dramatically high demand for sales management professionals whose job description was to simply manage the existing sales reps via growing business for the company through improving the performance of their subordinates. However, due to budgetary cutbacks and less income and revenue then nearly a decade prior, hiring companies are attempting to get the most of their sales management professionals by also making them a hybrid sales rep regardless of the number of sales professionals were sales representatives that they are responsible for. In past few years, pure sales management roles have been hard to come by and those available pay less of the commission than they used to.

Gen. Marketing Jobs – The demand for intangible marketing professionals such as “branding experts” has greatly diminished and many job seekers who are in the field have decided to go independent as these types of marketing jobs seem to be the 1st out and the last back in. The marketing job seekers that hiring companies want these days know how to formulate, program and design blogs, social media outlets, search engine optimization, pay per click and even some web programming. Marketing has gone from creative to more analytical and continues to do so while the economy remains in a continuously poor, dark state.

A Bright spot In Our Foreseeable Hiring Future:

As of the past few months, our staffing agency has seen a lot of smaller, start–up companies looking for sales and marketing professionals around the US even in smaller cities such as Denver, Seattle and Oklahoma City. Some of this growth is due to venture capital while other drivers include companies going on the offense of to try to grow the taking market share within the respective industry.

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