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upon recruiting marketing job seekers, our marketing headhunters and marketing recruitment agencies for a few different traits. 1st, our marketing staffing agency in NYC looks for marketing job seekers who know both the analytical and creative side of marketing.

Recruitment update as of August 2011

KAS when it comes to marketing recruitment and NYC executive search firm only does retained recruitment staffing engagements. Although we do retained recruitment search contracts, our marketing recruiters Chicago do not require that we have an exclusive staffing agency.

For marketing job seekers, the one piece of advice that our executive headhunters marketing recruiters have is to learn to program different content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla!. This will increase need for your services on the open market tremendously.

Also, if you are a marketing job seekers are marketing work routers suggest that you learn Adobe Photoshop as this is something that not many marketing job seekers know and is definitively important when formulating the website and, upon negotiating your marketing job seeker salary.

Our marketing headhunters have seen marketing professionals who know this type of programming in this type of board recruitment to make a much higher salary. Kasplacement’s executive recruitment agency, executive recruiters Chicago is a staffing firm helping sales, marketing and media headhunters recruit job seekers of all types around the US.

Our recruitment and staffing professionals have several years of experience in the executive search and recruitment field and are happy to help all hiring companies. We work with companies from all different backgrounds ranging from IT sales recruiters to executive sales management recruitment all the way down to entry-level headhunter and staffing. We are more than happy to talk about all of your hiring needs, you can go to our main website at

Our head hunters and marketing recruiters look forward to hearing from you.

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