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Recruiter Lingo For Those Working With Headhunters

for any job seeker, working with headhunters  recruiters or any executive search firm can be quite daunting and even quite confusing as each recruitment and headhunter works a little bit differently upon staffing agency job seekers.

Contingency contract recruitment agreement–a contingency contract is where a recruitment staffing firm is not paid up front and is paid upon successfully staffing the job seeker in the position that the hiring company set out to fill.

‘s some of the benefits of working with a contingency job recruitment firm is that they tend to have more available jobs as a lot of hiring companies are reticent to do retained recruitment staffing contracts. Contingency contracts, however do have their downsides. When working with a contingency recruiting firm be aware that there are a lot of other recruitment and staffing agencies working on that particular town and sending in job applications through through channels that you are not aware of.

Also, be aware of how headhunters are paid when working on contingency recruiting and executive staffing contracts. Contingency headhunters are not paid unless they make that placement for the hiring company otherwise the recruiting firm is not paid and the particular executive recruiter whom you are working with does not receive commission. Now

one thing to be aware of upon working with headhunters is that you don’t want to get pressured into taking a job as many will many will pressure some jobseekers has to that particular recruiter headhunter gets commission for making the placement. Be cognizant of this when working with executive search firms regardless of the level of job seeker that you are out. If you feel that a headhunter is pushing you into taking the job stay away.

Ken Sundheim runs KAS placement executive search firms NYC sales recruitment sales management recruiters executive recruiters Boston executive recruitment Chicago.

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