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Ken Sundheim

Because executive recruitment and the majority of staffing solutions that can be outsourced to recruiting companies our highly expensive and can run upwards of 30 or $40,000, many companies take a longtime attempting to circumvent the aforementioned staffing and job search fees by recruiting themselves.

When to use an executive search company and when to do the job hunt on your own time. Recruiting firms can be quite expensive and finding the right staffing solutions within these organizations can prove to be quite a daunting task as many of these job recruitment agencies do not propel their promise of delivering top-notch, motivated, reliable and experienced job candidates from whom you can recruit from and begin your executive search.

The different ways that executive recruiters and sales and marketing job headhunters work with their clients upon taking on an executive search assignment for any level of job applicant in nearly any major US city.

There are two basic ways (though, there are many deviations from) in which headhunters charge companies to help them recruit employees from all different backgrounds.

The first recording contract is a contingency staffing agreement in which the recruiting company is up against a few other staffing firms to place an employee with the company and if the recruiter does so successfully, they are awarded a fee which is typically a percentage of the base salary of the employee whom they successfully staff. This fee, more often than not is around 20% to 25% of the job seekers base salary and, some recruiting firms even charge additional fees regarding additional compensation such as healthcare, benefits, commission, bonuses, paid vacation and other.

Therefore, one single staffing placement can bring upwards of 30+ thousand dollars in commissions for the recruitment agency. Many asked themselves: If recruiting companies offering staffing solutions are so expensive, why does the general business community utilize the recruitment and staffing services for their employment search needs?

The answer is because finding good employees is terribly hard even if companies have dedicated human resources teams to locate these individuals as a full-time job. It could take upwards of hundreds of hours of resume database searching as well as hundreds of cold calls to even find a few people that may be right for the job without even taking the requested salary into consideration.

For many business executives the aforementioned staffing process is too much and carries an opportunity cost that is exceedingly high, therefore they’re rather outsource their employment solution and staffing to recruitment professionals. Additionally, effective, intelligent recruiting companies are able to brand an organization so they are more successful in the job search and they are able to best negotiate various salaries so the employer, upon the executive recruitment of an employee ends up saving money in the long run.

However, finding the right executive search recruitment company can prove to be just as daunting if not more troublesome than finding an effective employee to recruit and staff within a particular hiring entity.

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