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For our recruiters to consider someone a viable sales candidate, he or she must possess certain key traits.  First and foremost, the sales professional must have an obvious sense of urgency, or, if you prefer, a need to get up and go.  The death knell of any sales organization is a team – or even a solitary team member – who sits and waits for the sales to come to them.  Whether we are interviewing for an entry-level sales representative position or a C-level new business development role, the sales recruiters at KAS are trained to watch for the slightest hint of complacency or unresponsiveness in a candidate.  An individual sales rep must have not just the discipline, but the personality that will keep them motivated day in and day out.  Similarly, a sales manager or director must always have the motivation of their team and the organization of their sales cycle at the mental forefront.

Another key trait our sales recruiters absolutely must see right away in any sales recruiting candidate we consider is a sense of curiosity.  Sales simply does not work as a long-term profession if the salesperson is not always asking questions about their clients’ industries, about how to better their own product or pitch, or about what key pieces of knowledge they might be missing that would help beat out competitors to a sale.  Similar to the sense of urgency, a drive to constantly add to one’s store of knowledge is the difference between an average salesperson and an impressive sales professional.  We can often pick out front-runners simply by how many insightful questions they have prepared for us after learning a bit about our client companies.

Our marketing recruiters have similar, though not identical pinpoints they look out for when considering marketing candidates.  Since marketing is so heavily web-reliant, staffing marketing candidates means finding professionals who not only have a personality conducive to sales and relationship-forming, but who have a talent for analytical thinking.  A so-so marketing candidate might be able to hit it off with one of our marketing recruiters on a personality level, but when it comes time to break down the perceived marketing challenges in our client’s industry, only the stand-out marketing job seeker will home in on precise strengths and weaknesses when discussing our client’s market position, business plan, and possible strengths.

Aside from the analytical thinking our marketing recruiters must see in their candidates, the sales and marketing job seeker must also display a creativity not dissimilar to that of an artist.  Anyone can train themselves to use Google Analytics and to read demographic data, but it takes a skilled marketing professional to assimilate that data, then take things a step further and propose a solution to challenges, and an improvement upon strengths.  We don’t ask that our marketing candidates immediately intuit the perfect solution to our clients’ marketing challenges; we do require that the show an major enthusiasm for finding all kinds of new venues to the consumer.

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