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Branding 101 – It’s Not That Hard

There are a lot of myths about branding and how long it takes to implement a good branding strategy. There are classes dedicated to branding, when, as a matter of fact it is not all too difficult. How someone could teach a class dedicated to branding is beyond me. Sometime, I would like to sit-in on a class and see how someone could drag the subject out for more than 20 minutes. Here are some things to consider when branding yourself for a job search or helping brand a particular company which you work for or which you own:

1. What company (in another industry) or companies do you gravitate towards when making purchases of either products or services? For me, I like Apple products.

2. Why do you like that particular company? Personally, I like Apple because their products are a heck of a lot better and more advanced than Microsoft products. Also, they are sleeker and look better.

3. Why do others like this company? Besides the aforementioned reasons, people also like Apple products because they are a status symbol of sorts. With their products, if you don’t pay, you don’t play – there’s not much more to it. Their products are exclusive and, additionally, they work well.

4. How do you integrate their branding into your company? First, you take the model of pricing and being exclusive. That means that you don’t take on any and all business which comes your way. If you are just opening a company, you don’t have much choice or if the current company which employs you is in a turn-around mode, again you’re a little handcuffed. However, you and, subsequently, your company should strive to be this way.

When it comes to the product which “works well,” this means that you brand your business as a company which works hard and which gets results. Clients want one thing and one thing only: results. Provide them to each client who writes you a check. There is not one exception to this rule.

5. The next part of this marketing tactic is branding your personnel. What companies are very exclusive to hiring? What companies would come to a career fair and have students wanting to work for them? Why do people want to work for them? For this part of the branding exercise, let’s take Google. Everybody wants to work for Google; they have sushi lunches for gosh sake.

Therefore, what types of people is Google known for employing? That answer is easy. Google only employs the best and most talented people from around the world. If you don’t have good grades and you don’t give impressive interviews, you don’t get in – plain and simple.

So, when differentiating yourself, your company or the company which employs you, discuss the personnel of the firm. How are they different? Find this niche and exploit it. Right off the bat, being able to show a client that you have top-notch talent will impress the client. Everybody wants vendors who are smart, pleasant to deal with and who are competent. Make this known. Make this a differentiating point between your company the competition.

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