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E-Marketing: A Supreme Marketing Machine

Search Engine Optimization[1]

New customers search for products and services they need by using various online search engines such as, Google, MSN Search, and Yahoo! These search engines use mathematical algorithms to rank and subsequently display web pages once a keyword or set of keywords is entered into the search engine site. Search engines are able to send out spiders (also called crawlers) into the World Wide Web to hunt down specific web pages that contain the critical set of keywords. Optimizing these search engines in your company’s favor is crucial since most prospective clients will only bother looking at web pages that rank in the top five search results. So you want your company’s website to be among those top five.[2]Optimizing search engines is easier to do if we understand what makes these search engines rank web pages in the top five.

The Importance of Theme

Search engines look for more than just a keyword. They look for keyword themes. A strong keyword theme will allow a hypothetical search engine, be in Yahoo! or Google, to amalgamate your entire website, including auxiliary pages that elaborate on your products or business factory, into a cohesive collection of web pages that belong to your company. Carefully determining what keywords your web site should be tagged with, then becomes an exercise of making it easier for clients, other web navigators like journalists, and the search engines themselves to access your webpage. This increased visibility essentially constitutes the core of an optimal e-marketing strategy and is certainly a prerequisite to increased sales for the company.

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Content is King

The more intelligently you write on your company’s website, the better relationship your website will have with the search engines out there. Search engines look for keyword density. The more keywords and relevant words, the more “confident” you can say a search engine is to select your web page from the keyword search entry and put it in the top 5 rankings.

Digital marketing

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Some companies don’t say much on their websites. There is a serious shortage of quality content. The homepages and supporting site pages of these content-deficient sites have just product images and links to shopping carts. Without enough content, elaborating intelligently on what your product contains, does, or how it works, search engines have a tremendous amount of difficulty isolating your specific web page. So it’s important for online businesses, to identify ways to increase the content of their website so as to rank higher in search results. This obviously translates to higher accessibility to your website when both prospective clients and curious journalists navigate the World Wide Web.


Writing about the details about the products or services as well as a description of what the product is used for, with links to various industry journals will add a clearer picture about what you’re offering for prospects and simultaneously help those search engines treat your website with the attention it deserves.[3]

Popularity with online marketing consulting 

Search engines automatically rank web pages very highly and consequently display them in the first few search results when other high ranking web pages make reference to them through a link. So it seems that search engines infer that quality web pages, from quality companies, usually associate with other quality web pages, from other quality companies. Furthermore, the more quality high-ranked sites making references to your web site, the more of an “expert” position the company achieves in the eyes of the search engine. Search engines, therefore, effortlessly raise the ranking of the company being deemed “expert”, accordingly.

Digital online seo marketing

It makes sense to try to achieve cyber-popularity as a logical e- marketing tactic so as to have a favorable reputation with various search engines, which will then help attract those indispensable clients to your webpage. This cyber-popularity is intricately connected to increasing the sales of any global enterprise

How to become popular

Identify the industry moguls

The question that arises is how does a company increase its popularity on the web? The first thing to do is to identify high-ranked sites by running a search on, MSN Search, Google, and Yahoo! with the specific keyword phrase you want to be ranked for most. By checking the list of company websites that are generated from your search, you can determine which company websites should then be selected for the purpose of having a link to your website on theirs. Professional looking sites that have good quality content similar to your company’s theme should be targeted.[4]

Negotiate with industry moguls

Once you identify the high ranking web sites, approach them to request they add a link to your website on theirs. Include reasons why this industry mogul should link to your web site and how your web site could serve their visitors.

In summary we have discussed how keyword theme, content, and popularity can contribute to optimizing search engines so as to endow a hypothetical company website with a high ranking. This translates into more visibility from prospects, possibly more traffic through your website, and a higher probability of purchase from web navigators. Thus we can reasonably conclude that, given that you structure your company’s website in a search engine friendly fashion, the spiders or crawlers that search engines generate are one of today’s new sales forces, behind the whole revolutionary concept of e- marketing. Getting these spiders to promote your website is like getting yesterday’s door salesmen to sell your company’s product.

Unlike yesterday’s door salesmen, virtual spiders/ crawlers are trained to do what you want them to do only if you give them exactly what they are looking for, namely good keyword theme, content, and popularity. These virtual sales helpers behind e-marketing methodologies require a relatively precise science to be functional. Yesterday’s door salesmen required some training but nothing nearly as scientific and mathematical as today’s online electronic sales spiders.

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