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E-Marketing: A Supreme Marketing Machine (Part One)


In Thomas L. Friedman’s account The World is Flat” the internet is deemed to be one of the flatteners of our new reality in that it connects the far reaches of the globe transforming the very fabric of business and society as never before.

“In short, the PC-windows phase began the Netscape browsing-e-mail phase and the two together enabled more people to communicate and interact with more other people anywhere on the planet than ever before. But the fun was just beginning. This phase was just the foundation for the next step in flattening the flat world”

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The World is Flat – Thomas L. Friedman pg 49-50

With the advent of the internet, emerged a revolutionary method of marketing  that not only capitalized on the unique attributes associated with an online world but also had its own unique set of rules and methodologies. Businesses that operated exclusively online during the dot com era either adopted and personalized this revolutionary marketing method or were wiped off the playing field altogether as was seen in the repercussions of the dot com bubble.

Marketing has always been the science and art of reaching out to as many potential consumers in a strategic attempt to modulate consumer behavior and increase product/service sales considerably indefinitely with repeat sales from the development of client loyalty.  Internet marketing aims to achieve just that. Multiple online companies market to a global community knowing a few tricks that govern e-marketing, which we will delve into with some fair degree of detail.

According to some studies of consumer behavior at McKinsey & Company, it was ascertained that most online shoppers do very little shopping around online and would rather buy products  from the first site they visit only to return there again and again for additional purchases instead of conducting any extensive online product search.  People are simply too busy to bother shopping.

Price too was also deemed quite trivial in online consumers’ buying decisions. What appeared paramount in persuading consumers to buy online was the fair degree of product search convenience, the efficient and trouble free payment methods, and the overall reputability and aesthetic appeal of the website in question.


A company’s website is a virtual store door inviting you to come in and explore the contents of that company’s offerings, delicacies, services, or experiences. Much like humans would inherently judge the contents, service, or quality of a tangible store by the storefront, the window display, the signs, and the general maintenance of that façade, so would humans judge any online business by the quality of the design and simplicity of that company’s website. In fact good web design is intricately linked to better sales. An enticing website, both aesthetically pleasing and intellectually usable and simple, lures world viewers to dig a little deeper into your website and get mesmerized by the products you are offering. Thus without a good “storefront” traffic into your web store is dramatically reduced, negatively affecting sales.

A well maintained website, that is fast to download and fast to understand, helps a company build trust and reputation, key factors that encourage sales both first time and repeat sales.[1]

But before someone from India or Austria, for example, stumbles before your virtual storefront, you must carefully position your web page in the World Wide Web repertory of business websites so as to increase the probability of such favorable intersections, in which potential client and web store merge into one.

Mechanisms helping you bring potential clients to your website lie at the heart of e-marketing and in the following sections we will discuss how these various mechanisms can in fact bring you more sales.

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[1] Good Design, Better Sales “eMarketer” feb 3,2006

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