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The Importance of Mentoring

I began KAS Placement by reading a thin book which I wish I still had and, I look back and wish I had a mentor.  I did have somebody who was connected to my family, Harvey Cohen, and loved him to death; he died of cancer about a year ago.  Harvey was not only in the karate hall of fame, but he also served as a mentor to David Blaine with his card tricks.  At his funeral, 350 people showed up. Some were in karate gees which would have made Harvey smile one of his grins that will be imbedded in my mind.

Point being, there are opportunities to help people every which way.  Too often, we get too involved in our own work, life, etc.  What if you had a mentor to walk you through your career and truly listen?  It would have been great I presume.  One’s knowledge is too important to not to give to somebody else.  Now, what if you reach out to somebody and they don’t want to listen?  Well, it is not worth your time, find somebody else.  I reach out to the colleges around the country and help students prepare for their interviews.  I probably don’t change their lives, but it is helpful and they walk away with some knowledge.  All it did was take a phone call.  This brings me to our intern this summer which is explained below.

When I was in college, I had a friend from high school whose uncle ran a high-end, typical Upper East Side / 5th Avenue apartment buildings.  He left the job about a year after he started and built his own real-estate company in Florida.  His name is Alan Brenner.  I worked as a doorman. Although I felt being a doorman was torture, how else was a college student going to get paid $16 per hour.   Today, Alan Brenner, whom I haven’t seen in years, stopped by the office with his son who is going into college.  He is taking a taking a risky route by going to junior college, therefore because Al was really good to me, I thought I would give him so advice as to what you can expect if you don’t go through with the degree.

Ken Sundheim is the owner of a sales and marketing recruiting firm.

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