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Sales Advice for Young Professionals

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Sales Advice for Young Professionals

Every year, thousands and thousands of college grads look to start their professional careers by breaking into the sales field.  While years of experience will only make you a better salesperson, our sales recruiters have observed that with the right connections and dedication, sales can be a highly lucrative career even at a very young age.

Our recruiters have also observed, however that many college graduates fail to consider the industry they are entering into when going after their first profession.  When you are fresh out of school, it can be easy to be trapped in the “starving student” mentality and lust after a larger base salary rather than a field you are truly interested in.  While there is nothing wrong with making money (that’s what a sales profession is all about, after all) you don’t want to be trapped selling something you have no interest in or working for a company that holds no intrigue for you.  Not only will you be bored at work, your ability to sell will suffer.

A good salesperson must have a genuine interest and investment in the product or service they are selling.  How do you expect your customers to believe in what you are selling if you yourself have no interest in it?  The best sales people (and the ones who make the most money) are those who love what they sell.  Like any other career, sales takes a lot of time, effort and hard work.  If you do not like what you are doing, you will never be able to muster the energy and dedication it will take to be successful.

You also want to think about where you see yourself in the future.  A good salary might seem worth taking a job you are not thoroughly interested in, however, you need to think about building your resume so that you can work your way up the

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career ladder to something that you are passionate about and able to make a large amount of money with.  Choosing to work in an industry that you are interested in from the start is going to open you up for more promotion opportunities and the sooner you will become an “expert” in your field rather than always being “the new guy” as you transfer from company to company in industries that are unfamiliar to you.

There is more information on our site!  Please visit to learn more about our Sales Staffing Agenices and Social Media Sales Recruiters.

KAS Placement has offices accross the United States.  Please visit our site for contact information for our Boston Sales Recruiters, NYC sales recruiters and main NYC recruiters office.


KAS Placement is dedicated to educating young professionals and college students, including those at Marketing Consultation Services – Rank Highly In Google

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