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“How Much is Your Service?”

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Five Words that turn a Prospect into a Cold Lead

Every now and then, I receive phone calls who, before the prospect even inquires about your product, they ask, “How much is your service.”   Unless you are absolutely the cheapest game in town, 90% of the time, this should immediately disqualify the prospect. If it is a well-known company, that may be an exception. Sometimes, especially in this economy, it is hard to let any prospect go, however in this case you must.  Below, we will discuss a few reasons why.

This “Potential Client” Has Done Absolutely No Product Research

Every product offering, unless it is a pure commodity such as oil, has its benefits which most likely are customized in several different ways in order to meet the needs of various clients.  Nearly all of the time, these packages will vary in price and have different features and service levels for each product or service. Simply stated, if the calling prospect does not inquire about these, they have done nearly not a single bit of research.

Most Likely the Prospect’s Firm Has Little Money

A firm who has actually sat down and took the time to budget for your product or service has the money to weigh what different packages they could possibly need.  Then, they come to your company with questions regarding your product (and will obviously ask for a price range, but not until the conversation has begun).  Instead, a company who is only worried about what the cost, and nothing else, of your product, more likely than not, is financially on the fringes.

Therefore, doing any work for these people is pointless for a few reasons: the business can go bankrupt in the near future, they will probably attempt to squeeze every resource they can without paying extra and, most likely will not be the most “easy to deal with,” client.  As a sales person, the last thing you need are daily emails from a client who is not stable and who is taking extensive time out of your day which otherwise could be spent prospecting for new clients or servicing higher paying clientele.

Getting to the Decision Maker will Typically Prove to be Nearly Impossible

The majority of the time when you receive these types of calls, you are not speaking to the decision maker, or even anyone who has easy access to them. Depending on the firm’s size you can be up to four of five pay grades away from reaching this individual.  Additionally, the person who is calling is more likely than not treating this project as pure administrative work and may have more important things to do.  Thus, they are just going through the motions and, putting together a formal proposal without a somewhat lengthy conversation about your company, is a huge waste of time.

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