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Becoming an Effective SEO Writer

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Becoming an Effective SEO Writer

SEO writing is the art of writing good articles which are their own separate web page to attract Google to your a specific website.  Since Google likes articles that flow well and are full of pertinent information that readers would find helpful, writing generic SEO pages are quite hard.  You can obviously outsource this writing to a professional, reputable SEO firm, however this costs a great amount.

How to Write Good SEO Content

Writing SEO is the art of writing good content that is pertinent to the subject of the website you are writing for.  To put it very simply, you want to write articles that describe or relate to subject matter and key phrases or search terms that people might use when “googling” something that is relevant to your website or service.  For example, if you own a catering service, you would brainstorm keywords or phrases that people might use when searching for caterers.  You might have one article about “wedding caterers”, one about “party caterers”, or another about “affordable catering” if that is something you are looking to sell.  Using good keywords helps search engines identify your site as relevant to internet searches someone might perform in relation to your business.  However,  if you stuff your articles with keywords, Google will recognize the content as spam and actually give your site a lower ranking.  That is why creating good content is so important.  Many make the mistake of thinking that because they are writing for  a search engine, the articles do not have to be interesting or even very coherent, as long as they use the right keywords. The reality of it is that Google’s standards are based on those of the billions of readers that perform internet searches everyday.  Therefore, what Google likes is what people like. You have to write with your customers in mind.

Should you hire an SEO expert?

When it comes to SEO, learning all the tricks of the trade is not easy.  If you are a talented writer, you have a headstart when it comes to creating good content but there are all sorts of details you need to pay attention to in order to take your SEO to the next level.  Link building is a large factor when it comes to achieving a high rank on a search engine page, as is multi-media use and good website design.  If you are not going to invest in an SEO expert, you may at least want to take a class and learn some basic programming skills as you are going to need to know basic html coding when adding pages to your site.  It has taken my firm several months to get a good grip on writing successful SEO and we have been working in conjunction with an expert.  Could we have done it without them?  Probably… but it would have a taken a lot longer and it was worth it to me to spend the extra money to see faster results.

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