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When Will Microsoft Get It? Part Two

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When Will Microsoft Get It? – Part 2

Mac or PC?  (Hint: It’s not a trick question…)

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What is going to happen when the younger generation goes out into the professional world

All those kids that are about to graduate from college love Macs.  Not only are they easy to use… they’re awesome!  All the cool kids have one!  At this point, having a Mac is a fashion statement as well as a practical choice.  A Mac is the latest fashion mag trend whereas a PC is that bulky sweater your weird Aunt gave you a couple of years ago that you only wear when you absolutely have to…

The further the younger generation gets involved and quite effective at using these computers, the more we are going to see a shift in business purchasing which will shy away from the computers running on Windows to Macs.  If students are buying PCs it is either because they are cheaper (though many are learning that because of the high probability of having to replace it half way through their college career, they might as well buy a Mac in the first place and have it last them several years longer) or they need special software for their field of study (engineering, for example) that is not yet compatible with Macs.  I believe this all will soon begin to change as Macs start to become more affordable and versatile.

I have started to see companies shift to using to Macs as having these computers gives the impression that they are cutting edge and have the money to do so.  Since Macs are actually only a few hundred dollars more expensive than the new HPs, this could become a scary trend that Microsoft will have to deal with.  Also, when Google apps further its market share with cheaper, better software, Apple users may soon be able to forgo Microsoft software entirely.

Microsoft is no longer associated with Cool

Those Apple commercials really did the job – if you’re a Mac, you’re cool, but laid back and unpretentious.  You’re smart without really trying and have a good sense of humor.  If you’re a PC on the other hand…

Microsoft has not had a good brand image for a long time now.  While the Apple logo is associated with high-end, cool products, the Microsoft logo (which took me a few seconds to actually remember) is associated with old, dried out products. About a year and a half ago, I purchased a HP computer which is top of the line and the Microsoft logo on the computer is quite small and off to the side.  This leads me to believe that companies are no longer using the logo to draw in customers while the large Apple logo is quite sleek and always placed at the bottom center.  Our office is now made up of more Macs than PCs.  Whenever we have a computer glitch, its always in relation to Microsoft.  I’m quite certain that our own office will eventually phase out Microsoft entirely, and it’s no surprise that many other companies are starting to do the same.

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