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When Will Microsoft Get It?

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When Will Microsoft Get It?

Part 1

For the past few years, Microsoft has failed again and again when bringing new products to the market.  Instead of coming out with new, fresh technology inventions, the once great company offers products that are already established by firms such as Google and Apple.

First, we can look at the Zune.  It seems that Microsoft’s frequent failures began with this potential competitor to Apple’s ipod (as I’m typing this, Microsoft is not recognizing that ipod is a word and underlining it in red).  Interestingly enough, the term “XP” does not bring up a misspelling – hmm…

About two years after the ipod became a household product, Microsoft unveiled its answer to Apple’s music phenomenon.  However, the product was bulky and far less appealing. But putting the aesthetics aside, why did Microsoft think it made any sense to make a product that was not compatible with iTunes – the program which the vast majority of music listeners already had all their songs, videos and podcasts on?

It’s no surprise that the Zune was a flop.  Two years later, I’m not sure if you can even find one in a Best Buy.

A close second to the Zune is Microsoft’s copy off of Google – Bing.  Even if Bing is capable of doing things that Google can’t, does anyone know about them?  Sure, they had some commercials (I actually had to Google “bing” to find out exactly what it was) but Google has just become such an ingrained part of our vocabulary that Bing would have to offer something truly extraordinary to ever replace it.  Does it?  I wouldn’t know… to be honest, I’ve never felt the need to try it.

I feel like I have to engage in daily battle with Microsoft Office.  Its slow, overly complicated and always thinks it knows better than me (no Clippy, I am not writing a letter, leave me alone).  More and more I have turned to using Google Docs for all my basic writing and spreadsheet work.  So the question is: Is Microsoft on its way out?  Or will it eventually be replaced by Apple and Google?

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