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Young and Successful: Hiring Recent College Grads

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Hiring Recent College Graduates

Some firms turn up their noses at recent college grads, assuming they are not worth the time and effort it takes to train them and that their lack of experience makes them incompetent.  What companies tend to forget is that recent college grads have far more energy, ambition and drive than many seasoned professionals and will make up for their lack of experience through their eagerness, creativity and fresh ideas.

What to look for in new college graduates

When hiring recent college graduates, there are some traits and skills your firm should seek out. The first is a good work ethic.  Doing well in a good university is a good indicator of this.  For example, the last few hires we have made have been recent NYU graduates.  To succeed in a large, prestigious institution such as New York University, you have to be a hard worker and a self starter.  Good writing and communication skills are also essential; GPA alone does not reveal whether or not the student has an ability to interact well with people (a necessary skill for any successful sales or business person).  Young people who are fresh out of school also tend to be more in tune with the latest trends and advancements in their field, especially if they are coming from institutions with large research facilities or academic departments that are known for being specialists in their area of expertise.  Ask them about their views on the future of —–X—–, or their thoughts on the recent development of ——Y—— and see if they have any insightful observations. You might be surprised about how much they have to teach you.

New College Graduates – When to Pass

As with any hire you make, there are always going to be individuals that come across your desk who may look promising on paper but turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth.  Watch out for anyone with an overpowering sense of entitlement – you want someone who is eager to learn and going to be a team player, not someone on an ego trip just because they wrote a few great essays in school.  Make sure you ask about goals, where the candidate sees themselves in the next few years, etc.  Many job seekers who are just out of school have their eyes set on huge companies with famous names and will jump an any opportunity they get to work their.  Others may be lured in simply by the prospect of being paid even though they are not passionate about the position and will leave as soon as they get a more interesting offer.  If you are looking for someone to join your team for the long term, make sure your candidate is actually interested in the position you are offering.

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