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Working from Home: Part Two

Advantages of Having Your Sales People Work Remotely : Part 2

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It’s not hard to convince someone that working from home is great.  For the worker, life is made much simpler by not having to make a trek into the office everyday.  Working from home and being able to make your own schedule means that you can take the time to walk the kids to school, be there when they come home and don’t have to scramble to make arrangements when they’re sick.  Not having to commute saves time, money and energy, allowing you to actually be more productive.

But what about the employer?  When choosing whether or not to have their employees work from home, many companies worry about quality control.  How can you make sure that the work is getting done?  That the employee is maintaining a professional demeanor on the phone or using their time efficiently?

There are a few easy solutions to these potential problems.

1.  In House Training

Make sure the employee goes through an in house training session before they commence working from home.  This will ensure that they are familiarized with the company and are able to start off strong.  It is important that they meet management personal and other employees who they can rely on for help should they ever need it.

2.  Maintaining Contact

Modern internet technology makes instant communication cheap and easy.  It costs next to nothing to hold weekly “office” meetings via skype, have conference calls over the web or have a conversation over email.  Having frequent check-ins (such as a set weekly skype meeting) helps maintain a professional atmosphere and sets expectations despite working in a home office.

3.  Goal Setting

To make sure your employees stay on track, have them come up with a clear set of goals and ask for monthly reports on goal progress.  In addition to keeping track of their sales numbers and quotas, having them self-evaluate on specific goals they would like to meet encourages staying on track and consistently making progress.

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