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Owning the Interview

Two Great Ways to Calm Nerves for an Interview

Interviews are hard… but they don’t have to be panful.

1.  Preparation – It’s pretty simple – the more preparation you do for an interview, the more confident and competent you will come across.  Researching the company’s background, services and client base should give you a good idea of what they are looking for in an employee and allow you to predict some of the questions they may ask you.  Below are some of the tactics which, when used properly, can give you an edge before you even walk through the door.  Preparation isn’t just about research, however.  When preparing for an interview, here are some other things to keep in mind.

Company Analysis – with online research, you can easily determine who are the competitors of your potential employer, what leverage your potential firm may have in the industry, the size of the company and, finally the background of the person or people with whom you’ll be meeting.  This information will allow you to give specific answers to any questions you are asked, instead of the generic and general responses most interviewees will give.

Looking Your Best looking great doesn’t have to mean going out and spending a fortune on a brand new outfit.  Just make sure that what you are wearing looks professional, clean, fits you well, and most importantly makes you feel confident.  Half of “dressing for success” is about making yourself feel great.

Reaching out to Experts in the Field – if you know of someone in the field, always call them for information prior to the interview.  There is no such thing as being over prepared for an interview.  When going against other candidates for a job, don’t forget that any inside knowledge is an advantage.  If you don’t know of anyone in the particular field, you can always call a similar firm and ask for someone who may be glad to answer your questions.  This means having the guts to put yourself out there, but doing it will just make you more prepared and probably more confident.

2. Exercise – This might seem a little off topic, but I find that one of the main causes of interview nerves is just getting all in your head about it.  As humans we tend to over-analyze and over think everything – making mountains out of molehills is one of our Homo-Sapien specialties.   It is well known that exercise, whether it’s running, walking, lifting weights or doing yoga, lowers the mental stress level of human beings.  According to the Mayo Clinic, frequent exercise does a lot of positive things for human emotion and self-confidence.  Below are some of the salutary results of a strict exercise regimen:

Improvement in Mood exercise is known to decrease mild depression and anxiety.  Additionally, it provides a sense of command over one’s life.

Increased Endorphin Levels – physical activity assists in the heightening of the body’s release of feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins

If all else fails, just breathe and smile.  Remember that there is a reason you got asked to do the interview in the first place – you belong in that room.  So own it.  I dare you.

For more information about KAS and our New York City Junior Sales Recruiters, please visit our website.

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