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Keeping Up With Your Industry

How to Keep up to Date with Your Industry

Take time on the weekends to read about current news

No matter what industry you are involved in, there are typically hundreds of blogs with up to date news.  However, many of these blogs tend to be stale and thus unusable.  Find a couple of blogs to follow that are consistantly updated (you should be able to subscribe to their newsfeed, or follow them on Twitter.)  Also, now that every newspaper has gone online, simply Googling your industry followed by the word “news,” will provide a wealth of information as well. This will give you insight as to trends your business arena is going in and, thus give you an advantage when planning your business initiatives over the next month or so.  You would be surprised at how few people read these, which allows you to stay ahead of the curve.

Listen and adapt to new customer needs

The sales staffing business tends to go in cycles.  Typically we will get a bunch of  jobs in one industry at the same time, even though the clients aren’t directly related to one another. Due to the heavy volume of one industry, our recruiters make sure to consistently read on the changing trends of the industry which allows us to meet the client’s needs no matter how new the technology is.  When companies are looking to hire new employees, it often signifies that they are going through some changes – they might be developing a new business plan or introducing a new product to the market.  Whatever our client is going through, it is important for our recruiters to understand the latest industry trends and developments.

Listen to your sales representatives

Business can be like going to battle, and as a general, you should always be aware of what’s happening at the front lines.  Consistently ask your sales division what types of products and services your clientele is asking for, and if you’re missing a piece to the puzzle, get on it!  Knowing the services you’re currently not providing, but are hot on the market is 90% of the game.

Have frequent meetings with your staff

Even if your company is at the top of the heap, you should have consistent meetings with your executive team to see what you can do better.  Each executive should have ideas on what aspects in which to further your business.  When you own a business, large or small, you should rely on your team (as well as yourself) to help grow the company. Everyone in the organization should be focused on growth due to the fact that a stale business will eventually fail.   Idea and information sharing within your company is essential to keeping up to date with your industry.

If you would like to know more about our Sales Recruiting Process, please visit our website.
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